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One Thing
Drunken Owl Theatre

  • One Thing
  • Drunken Owl Theatre
  • Non-Union Theater
  • Theater or Stage
  • Non-Union; Other Union; Open to All
  • West Seattle, WA
  • Project Begins: May 9, 2019
  • Project Ends: May 23, 2019

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  • Contact Person: Kevin Finney
  • Primary Phone: 206-234-2784
  • Secondary Phone: 206-829-8929
  • Email
  • Mailing Address:

    4517 SW Hemlock Way
    Seattle, WA 98136

    Prefered method of submission: Email

    Audition Location:
    Fauntleroy Church
    9140 California Ave SW,
    Seattle, WA 98136

    Submission instructions:
    Appointment is appreciated.

Staged reading of "One Thing" by Scott Stolnack @ Seattle Playwrights Salon on May 23. (Palace Theater and Art Bar.) Directed by Kevin Finney.
It is a hot summer night on the South Side of Chicago. Three siblings, estranged for many years, have gathered at the family home to bury their father, settle old scores, and confront old ghosts. The Old Man is still a vivid presence in their lives -- in fact, during most of the play, he is there in the living room sitting in his favorite blue recliner, at times interacting with the other characters, and reminding them how he made their lives hell. This work explores the connections and karmic burdens that exist within a family even after decades apart.
4 rehearsals will be scheduled in West Seattle in May prior to performance


Other details:
We'll be in the narthex (lobby) of the church. Please use the main entrance, below the entrance to the YMCA. Sides will be available the day of auditions.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
SALLY- Female, 40, middle sibling. Divorced. Caretaker to the Old Man. Compassionate and conflicted.
TONY- Male, 42, first-born son. Intelligent, charismatic, ambitious, and a little unscrupulous.
BOBBY- Male, 37, youngest of the three siblings. A hard-drinking rebel with authority issues. Rides a Harley.
OLD MAN (ANGELO) - Male, 62 (deceased), an uneducated railyard worker, the siblings' father. An ornery old cuss.
TRISHA - Female, 30's to 40’s. Bobby's girlfriend; a free spirit.

Audition/Interview Dates:
Sunday, March 3, 2:00 pm

Audition Requirements:
Cold readings from script. Optional: prepare a monologue, no longer than 2 minutes, that demonstrates your strengths.

Monetary compensation:
$25 by check will be paid upon completion.

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