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Mae West's "The Drag: A Homosexual Comedy in Three Acts"
Play Your* Part


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  • Mae West's "The Drag: A Homosexual Comedy in Three Acts"
  • Play Your* Part
  • Non-Union Theater
  • Theater or Stage
  • Non-Union
  • Seattle, WA
  • Project Begins: Apr 28, 2019
  • Project Ends: Jun 29, 2019

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  • Contact Person: Tish Maskell
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Written by renowned movie star Mae West in 1927, this controversial, melodramatic comedy ran for only 10 performances before being shut down for indecency, having portrayed homosexuals and gender diverse people on stage. Play Your* Part has unearthed this trailblazing piece of theatre for a thrilling production during Pride month, that shows how far we have come for LGBTQ rights, yet how much further we still have yet to go.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs

Breakdown - All roles are open to all ethnicities and gender identities.

Dr. James Richmond (Doubles as Duchess): Doctor - M 40’s/50’s - physician, Clair’s father and Barbara’s sister. A dignified calm looking man who is unafraid to question the unfairness of how society treats homosexuals but reluctant to truly make a stand.
The Duchess (Hal Swanson) - M - A drag queen friend of Rolly’s, referred to as large and Swedish.

Barbara Richmond (Doubles as Rosco/Inspector): Barbara - F 50’s - Dr. Richmond’s sister, has a fondness for Clair as having raised her after her mother died and is the first to notice the trouble in Clair/Rolly’s marriage.
Rosco Gillingwater - M - A gay friend of Rolly’s.
Inspector - M 50’s - Tries to get to the bottom of Rolly’s murder but initially wrongfully suspects Grayson.

Clair (Doubles as Winnie): Clair - F 20’s - Dr. Richmond’s daughter and Rolly’s wife. Has always been very close to Rolly but was unsure of their marrying and is still unsure of his commitment but does not seem to suspect he’s gay.
Winnie Lewis - M - Gay friend of Rolly’s. Drag or burlesque experience, a plus.

Judge Robert Kingsbury (Doubles as Clem): Judge - M 50’s - Rolly’s father, does not want to hear or believe any of the gossip about Rolly or his marriage to Clair. Detests homosexuals and doesn’t think they have any place in society.
Clem Hathaway - M 20’s/30’s - A witty and funny homosexual who is unafraid to be who he is (though won’t go out of his way to advertise it). Drag or burlesque experience, a plus.

Rolly Kingsbury: M 20’s - Judge Robert’s son and Clair’s husband. While he seemingly loves Clair he is very willing to lead a double life and continues to see other men and run with a homosexual crowd. Falls head over heels for Grayson who is helping on one of his projects.

Parsons (Doubles as Ulrich): Parsons - M 50’s - Judge Robert and Rolly’s butler. Is willing to turn a blind eye to Rolly’s shenanigans; Karl Heinrich
Ulrich - M 50’s -A German writer of the 1860’s, who used the word “invert” to describe homosexuals as possessing “a woman’s spirit in a man’s body.”

Allen Grayson: M 20’s - A civil engineer and a charming young man who seems to enchant anyone around him. While Rolly is falling in love with him he is falling in love with Clair. He is unwilling to accept Rolly’s feelings for him.

David Caldwell (Doubles as Hells Kitchen Kate): David - M 20’s - An outcast; he looks worn, tired, and haggard, partly because he is a drug addict. Is in love with Rolly and truly heartbroken when he discovers Rolly’s feelings for Allen Grayson.
Hell’s Kitchen Kate - A drag queen of local fame, the type that men crave (when she walks up Tenth Avenue you can smell the meat sizzling in Hell’s Kitchen).

Pianist: 20’s - (seeking an actor who actually plays the piano) - Plays the piano throughout the play but also serves as a contemporary lens that reminds the audience some of what was written in the 1920’s may now be deemed offensive.

Marion (Doubles as Taxi-Driver/Detective): Marion - F 50’s/60’s - A matron and Barbara’s friend. Seems to be a gossip and unacceptable of Clair’s friendship with Grayson.
Taxi-Driver - M 30’s/40’s - Takes Clem and David to Dr. Richmond’s but then becomes romantically involved with Clem, referred to as a large brute of a man.
Detective - M - One line role who serves to introduce Grayson and escort David out.

Jesse (Doubles as Billy): Jesse - the maid who lets in the two gentleman seeking Dr. James’ help;
Billy Mack - A young boy that lives across the street from the Kingsbury’s;

Dancers: Party-goers at the Drag Ball. Comfort with Charleston, Foxtrot a plus but not required.

Audition/Interview Dates:
Auditions will be held by appointment only throughout February. To request an audition slot, please email your headshot and resume to

Callbacks or second audition/interview?
Callbacks in March.

Audition Requirements:
Actors will be asked to prepare a brief contemporary monologue and read sides from the play which will be provided ahead of time.

Monetary compensation:
All performers receive a competitive stipend.

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