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The Imaginary Invalid
Sky Performing Arts

  • The Imaginary Invalid
  • Sky Performing Arts
  • Non-Union Theater
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  • Non-Union; Other Union
  • Monroe, WA
  • Project Begins: Feb 12, 2019
  • Project Ends: Apr 14, 2019
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  • Contact Person: Kimberly Dorman
  • Primary Phone: 2062914830
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    639 W Main St.
    Monroe , WA

    Prefered method of submission: Arrive for audition

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    Audition Location: ¬¬¬¬¬¬Methodist Church 342 S Lewis St, Monroe, WA
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Adapted from Molière’s comedy, Imaginary Invalid tells the story of the laughable hypochondriac, Argan. Determined to benefit from free medical treatments. Argan attempts to marry his daughter off to a buffoon, Thomas Diforus, a newly minted practitioner. Angela has other plans. With the help of Nanette, the housemaid, and a few others they foil Argan’s plans and embark on their own. This former 17th century Parisian romp takes some new twists through the 1960’s in Paris, Tennessee!


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
Character Bios: 4W/8M

(Argan) (Gender: Male) (Age: 45-55)
Argan, a hypochondriac, wants nothing more than to have a doctor at his beck and call. Disgusted with the high cost of medicine and the certainty of his impending illnesses he is blind to the members of his family and his own hypochondria.

(Nanette) (Gender: Female) (Age: 25-35)
Nanette, the housemaid, she is loyal to Argan, but sees his ridiculousness and tries to set him straight. She acts as the ”reality check” for both Argan and his love struck daughter. Nanette is sarcastic, honest and quick witted.

(Darlene) (Gender: Female) (Age: 35-45)
Darlene, Argan’s second wife is a gold digging manipulator. She spends half her time pacifying and crooning over Argan and the other half planning the takeover of his finances. She is having a secret affair with the notary Mr. Goodeel.

(Angela) (Gender: Female) (Age 18-20)
Angela is the oldest daughter of Argan and his first wife. She is innocent, love-struck and a bit naïve. Six days earlier she fell in love with Clinton at an outdoor concert. She loves her father but is also a typical teenager and wants to exert her independence.

(Clinton) (Gender: Male) (Age 20-25)
Clinton is Angela’s love interest. He is handsome and protective but a little insecure about Angela’s affections towards him. He is from a neighboring town and met her at an outdoor concert a few days earlier. He remains devoted to Angela throughout the play.

(Bernie) (Gender: Male) (Age 40-45)
Bernie, the younger brother to Argan is the voice of reason. He often “reality checks” Argan and tries to get him to see the truth. Bernie is calm, intelligent and funny. He is also bit of a prankster and willing to trick others into seeing things his way.

(Dr. Diaforus) (Gender: Male) (45-60)
Dr. Diaforus is a pompous, know-it all doctor that has a terrible bedside manner. He is educated in Latin and theory, but is terrible at the practical application of medicine. He is easily offended and stuffy.

(Thomas Diaforus) (Gender: Male) (25-30)
Thomas is the son of Dr. Diaforus. He is betrothed to Angela. He is a buffoon who often speaks in a monotone. He doesn’t read social cues and often says the wrong thing. He is a recent graduate from medical school, although it took him extra time to finish.

(Dr. Purge) (Gender: Male) (40-55)
Dr. Purge is the physician to Argan. He over medicates and over charges Argan. He is a typical doctor for his time; a lot of book knowledge and poor bedside manner. He acts as the harbinger of death when he thinks a patient has wronged him. He is more concerned with making money and being right than helping people.

(Mr. Smelling) (Gender: Male) (40-60)
Mr. Smelling is Argan’s personal pharmacist. He works closely with Dr. Purge to keep Argan believing that their medicines are needed. He is arrogant and pompous.

(Mr. Goodeel) (Gender: Male) (30-40)
Goodeel is a dishonest notary who is in cahoots with Darlene. He is greasy, sneaky and willing to do whatever he needs to, to earn a buck.

(Louise) (Gender: Female) (11-15)
Louise is Argan’s younger daughter. She is playful, witty and a bit of a “daddy’s girl”. She is melodramatic and silly. She knows how to manipulate the adults she deals with.

Audition/Interview Dates:
February 7th & 8th 7:00-9:00 p.m. February 9th 2:00-4:00p.m.

Callbacks or second audition/interview?
Feb. 12th 7-9p.m.

Audition Requirements:
Please bring a headshot and have a 2min (or less) monologue prepared, preferably a comedic piece.

Monetary compensation:

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