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The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie
Woodinville Repertory Theatre


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  • The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie
  • Woodinville Repertory Theatre
  • Non-Union Theater
  • Theater or Stage
  • Non-Union; Other Union
  • Woodinville, WA
  • Project Begins: Jan 13, 2019
  • Project Ends: Mar 24, 2019
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  • Contact Person: Hjalmer Anderson
  • Primary Phone: 206-714-4783
  • Secondary Phone: 425-788-1191
  • Email
  • Website
  • Mailing Address:

    16504 190th Ave NE
    Woodinville, WA 98072


    Prefered method of submission: Email

    Audition Location:
    Woodinville Repertory Theatre
    at Denali Studio
    16120 Woodinville-Redmond Rd.
    Woodinville, WA 98072

The Mousetrap is a murder mystery play by Agatha Christie. The Mousetrap opened in the West End of London in 1952, and has been running continuously since then. It has the longest initial run of any play in history, with over 24,500 performances so far. It is the longest running show (of any type) of the modern era. The play is also known for its twist ending, which the audience are traditionally asked not to reveal after leaving the theatre.


Other details:
Please send an email to the director, Hjalmer Anderson to schedule a audition slot. Email address is:

If possible send your headshot and resume by email if that is not possible please bring your headshot and resume to your audition.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
Mollie Ralston – (30-40)Proprietor of Monkswell Manor, and wife of Giles.
Giles Ralston – 30-40) Husband of Mollie who runs Monkswell Manor with his wife.
Christopher Wren – (late 20 to 30) The first guest to arrive at the hotel, Wren is a hyperactive young man who acts in a very peculiar manner. He admits he is running away from something, but refuses to say what. Wren claims to have been named after the architect of the same name by his parents.
Mrs Boyle – (50-60) A critical older woman who is pleased by nothing she observes.
Major Metcalf – (50-60) Retired from the army, little is known about Major Metcalf.
Miss Casewell –(20-30) A strange, aloof, masculine woman who speaks offhandedly about the horrific experiences of her childhood.
Mr Paravicini – (40-50) A man of unknown provenance, who turns up claiming his car has overturned in a snowdrift. He appears to be affecting a foreign accent and artificially aged with make-up.
Detective Sergeant Trotter –(30-40) A policeman who arrives in a snow storm saying he has come to protect the guests from the murderer.

Audition/Interview Dates:
December 2 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM or December 3 6:45 PM to 9:00 PM

Callbacks or second audition/interview?
December 4 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Audition Requirements:
prepare a monologue

Monetary compensation:
Small Stipend of $200.00 with small stipend for gas

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