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  • NewFoundLands
  • Non-Union Interactive Media/Internet
  • Non-Union; Other Union
  • Seattle, WA
  • Project Begins: Jul , 2018
  • Project Ends: Oct , 2018

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  • Contact Person: Brady

  • Prefered method of submission: Email

A diverse group of comic book fans are delving into the secret of a forgotten, vanished line of comics from the 1930s-40s. Although they mostly know each other from online, they’ve come together in New York in search of evidence of its existence.

Meanwhile, Rory Enright is searching for his missing brother Brian and finds it is somehow linked to the mystery of the comic books. They find tantalizing clues but also find themselves pursued by a sinister organization, which turns out to include Brian himself.

In Seattle, Michael is a secret agent from literally another dimension, a retro-futuristic world of jetpacks and flying cars. The modern world is completely strange to him and as he adapts he hires Charity, a local high school student, to help him out.

Charity only knows she’s been hired by a very odd character and starts a quirky video diary about it. But the more she learns about him, the stranger and more dangerous things get.


Other details:
We are casting for a series of short scenes for a local tech company to be shot in Seattle and New York telling two separate but connected stories. The usage of the videos will be primarily online, but may also include mobile through an app at some point.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
RORY is male, 30 years old
A very bright engineer but not showy about it - quiet and confident. He’s originally from Wisconsin, outdoorsy and athletic. He’s driven by curiosity and especially by the need to learn the fate of his younger brother, who disappeared in Europe a few years ago. Now that he’s starting to find clues to the mystery, that need has gone into overdrive.

BRIAN is male, 26, years old
Younger brother of Rory, a classic misfit artist who flunked or dropped out of various schools - nobody understood his vision! Frustrated, in 2014 he took off on a European backpacking tour and disappeared without a trace. In fact, he was inducted into a secret society called the Kingsrood and he fully believes he is protecting the world. He’s here to scare Rory off from investigating any further.

BOB is male, white, 55 years old
He’s a little gruff, a former lawyer, former comic shop owner from Winnipeg, Canada. He’s extremely knowledgeable about old comics, to the point of obsession. He’s good-heart and loyal, but also more used to socializing online. His mild Asberger’s means he doesn’t read social situations and cues well.

CONOR is male, 22 years old
Conor is the youngest of the group. He’s cheerful and always eager to be helpful as the group’s gofer. Careerwise he’s still figuring things out. He aspires to be an indie filmmaker but so far he’s more dreamer than doer.

KEVIN is male, Indian, 45 years old
Kevin is the self-appointed grownup of the group. He loves these comics as much as anyone but feels he has to be the one on watch, keeping order, advising caution. He grew up in the San Franicisco Bay area and is a veteran of the Silicon Valley technology scene.

CHARITY is female, Chinese, 18 years old
Charity, a recent Seattle high school graduate, is upbeat and decent but a little stressed - her conservative Cantonese family will expect her to be in college next year in a sensible major - she probably will but it’s not her favorite idea. Meantime she’s indulging her quirkier side by vlogging about a very odd personal assistant job she’s taken on. Cantonese language proficiency is a major plus.

MICHAEL is male, in his early 30s
Michael is an elite field operative for a military intelligence agency. He is handsome with genteel 1950s manners, outlandishly dressed in a silk shirt and jodhpurs. More Daniel Craig Bond than Roger Moore Bond. He’s a stranger to every aspect of modern Seattle but adapting to it - he’s extremely capable, and exudes a sense of competence.

FELICIA is female, black, 25
Felicia is a very bright engineering graduate student, hired to work at a fast-moving high- tech company. She’s a smart bookish sort. She’s always a little watchful, knowing she stands out among her predominantly white and male co-workers. She comes from the Lousiana Gulf Coast, a tight-knit family and highly educated parents.

AUNTY is female, Chinese in her late 50s
Charity’s aunt. Aunty is frail in appearance but all business, possessed a blunt businesslike manner. She has limited English but always makes herself understood if only by sheer force of will. Inexpensive work clothes, such as a polyester pantsuit. Cantonese language proficiency is a major plus.

Audition Requirements:
We will provide sides for you to do a video read with. After that a callback may be in order to come in and discuss in person.

Monetary compensation:
Pay will be competitive and "pretty good". If the role involves travel all expenses will be paid.

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