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Blue Heron Productions


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  • Crowbar
  • Blue Heron Productions
  • Non-Union Short Film
  • 1-chip DV (1 CCD, Digital Video)
  • Non-Union; Other Union
  • Seattle, WA
  • Project Begins: Aug 1, 2018
  • Project Ends: Aug 31, 2018

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  • Contact Person: Lee Ryan Coston
  • Email


    Prefered method of submission: Email

    Audition Location:
    Will be supplied if chosen to audition.

    Submission instructions:
    Please email head shot and resumé to the email address listed in this post; include a link to your reel if you have one. When submitting, please make sure Crowbar is in the subject line, as well as the role you are submitting for.

In Crowbar, a bullied and unloved nine year old, seeks to find some kindness around her neighborhood. What she finds, instead, is the kind of attention that not only steals her innocence, but she is blamed for it. This marks her with an invisible “victim” tattoo that invites more predators.

At the age of 16, Sherry moves out and finally ends up living with her salty old grandmother. However, even in that safe environment, she has learned to set herself up for trouble. It’s her grandma that teaches her that love is an action, when she takes on the victimizer and shows Sherry that:


Other details:
Lead characters will be needed up to 6 days of shooting.

For the role of "Young Sherry", parents will be supplied additional information prior to the audition.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
Sherry.2 – (16 year old girl), who can pass off as 21 with makeup. She has an innocence that attracts men, but is wounded inside and has learned how to put up a cool front.

Grandma – (60 to 70 year old woman) who has lived a rough life cooking on sheep ranches and has been a widow for 20 years. She’s tenderhearted, generous and exceedingly kind, but she’s protective and strong, too. She can still arm-wrestle most young bucks half her age and win. She’s not afraid of anyone, but is more likely to invite a robber in for a cup of coffee to find out why he’s stealing from folks, than call the cops.

Keith – (30 to 40 year old male). Divorced bartender. He’s a lost soul, who hasn’t got much of a life outside of his job. He takes home an occasional customer and is a bit of a rounder, so nothing lasts. He has a kindness about him, but doesn’t miss an opportunity.

Floyd – (50 to 60 year old man), who is a regular at the bar. He holds down a job and is basically okay and not a sloppy drunk, but he likes the women (of all ages) and all it takes is a few drinks for him to get out of line.

Sherry.1 – (9 year old girl). Tomboy, plain, innocent sweet face. Vulnerable, insecure, looking to be accepted.

Mr. Burke – (40 to 60 year old man). Next-door neighbor. Makes inappropriate advances on kids.

Eileen – (28 to 33 year old woman). Homemaker, uncomfortable with kids, even her own. She’s used to having her husband (George) take care of things.

Max (14 year old boy). Son of Eileen and George. Clever, smart-aleck kid with a winning way about him, but resentful and unkind to his sister.

George – (30 to 35 year old man). Carpenter, man’s man. A country boy, not a lot of social skills and ill-prepared to deal with relationship issues.

Ben – 21 to 30 year old man). Patron at the bar. Table 1.

Carol (21 to 30 year old woman). Patron at the bar. Table 1.

Sam (21+ male or female). Patron at the bar. Table 2.

Terry (21+ male or female). Patron at the bar. Table 2.

All roles are open to all ethnicities, etc.

Audition/Interview Dates:
Mid-July, to be announced shortly

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

Audition Requirements:
Sides will be provided.

Monetary compensation:
Deferred pay $125/day for the 3 leads based on funding; IMDb credit; reel footage and good food!

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