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Burn It All
Brady Hall

  • Burn It All
  • Brady Hall
  • SAG-AFTRA Ultra Low Budget
  • Open to All
  • Seattle, WA
  • Project Begins: Oct , 2018

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  • Contact Person: Brady Hall
  • Email

  • Prefered method of submission: Email

Casting is open for feature film BURN IT ALL. This film will be directed by Brady Hall who has made previous films SCRAPPER and 7 WITCHES. It will be shot locally in the Seattle area late 2018.

Synopsis: Alex has never been treated well by men. Maybe she holds grudges too hard, or maybe most men just suck. Either way her level of trust is almost non-existent. She left her hometown and vowed never to come back after a particularly traumatic boyfriend, and was sticking to the plan, but an emergency compels her to make the trip. It’s there where she stumbles upon an underground organ harvesting operation and has to fight not only for her own sake but for the sake of her loved ones. Breakneck, visceral combat meshes with artful criticism of gender discrimination and toxic masculinity. BURN IT ALL rides the line between relevant social commentary and heart pounding rollercoaster.

Production will be respectful and safe. Days will not go super long or veer into dodgy 17 hour slogs where people are tired and working on stunts or driving home bleary eyed. Stunts will be plentiful and plenty safe. Food will be tasty. Egos will be checked at the door and any kind of harassment, off color joking or nonsense will not be tolerated. Basically, the top priority for everybody is “don’t be a dick and do no harm.”

Open to union and non-union talent as this will likely end up a SAG ULB production.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs

Alex: female age 23-33 - A character who starts at rock bottom and suddenly finds herself battling seemingly insurmountable odds to redeem what’s left of a hopeless existence. She knows how to fight, having been through basic training, and channels that foundational knowledge along with a natural stubbornness into increasingly dire confrontations with men who wish her harm.

Stunt/fight experience mandatory in addition to acting skill. If you are a stunty who can act: great! If you are an actor who has not stunted: not great! This will be a demanding role in terms of both performance and physicality. Extensive hand to hand combat sequences (supervised and designed by a stunt coordinator, of course), weapons handling and general stunty goodness will be cornerstones of the character. Time commitment: full production, probably something like 20 days


Jenny: female age 18-27 - Alex’s sister Jenny has been taken advantage of her entire life so she’s been conditioned to spend little time catering to her own needs. She’s found comfort in the attention of men and her job as a bikini barista allows her to feel warm fuzzies all day from the compliments of men who patronize her stand. Her new boyfriend seems to be into some kind of criminal activity, but she doesn’t care because he’s “fun”. This role requires a skimpy bathing suit for a scene, but not in any kind of sexual situation and there is no physical interaction with any other character. Time commitment: 5-10 days

Bishop: male age 45-60 - He’s been around the block multiple times; military, private security, all of it. Now he’s middle management for a successful smuggling ring. Bishop can size up a situation and see it inside and outside, but sometimes the best way to handle things is with a gun. That said, he’s one of the more reasonable captains in the group. He knows that anybody can be reasoned with. Well, just about anybody… Role requires light stunt stuff (not fighting, but some jumping to the ground). Time commitment: 3-5 days

Travis: male age 30-40 - A smarmy county deputy with a checkered past. The stereotypical brodawg blowhard on a power trip, always wanting to dominate everybody in his world, especially women. Naturally he looked for the best way to expand his megalomania and the sheriff’s department was the best fit. Must be able to play younger as there is a flashback scene. Time commitment: 3-5 days

King: male age 50-70 - The boss man. He runs the show and does it with an iron fist. There’s no room for screwing around in King’s organization. He’s strict, business savvy and you don’t want him to be angry at you. This role has a very meaty dialogue scene with a lot of fire. Think Nicholson in the courtroom in A FEW GOOD MEN. Time commitment: 2 days

Donna: female age 25-40 - A new mother who has to take any job she can find to make ends meet. This manifests in a housekeeping job for some shady local criminals. She’s intelligent and smart (there’s a difference!) and just wants to do the best for her baby. Time commitment: 2-3 days


Matty: male age 25-35 - That annoying dudebro in the all-over-print skull shirt who won’t stop vaping in your house? That’s Matty. Cocky, confrontational, always feeling challenged so he has to puff up and flex. This role requires fighting and stunts. Actor doesn’t need to be a master of stunts, but experience will help a lot. Time commitment: 1-2 days

Doctor: male age 40-55 - He went to med school, did some residencies, but now is working for a criminal outfit. WIll require some stunt fights, but nothing too crazy. Stunt coordinator can easily choreograph. Time commitment: 1 day

Bill: male age 40-60 - Lower mid-level crony for a criminal organization. He’s arrogant and rugged, but a good worker. Will require some medium stunt fighting to be choreographed by the coordinator. Time commitment: 1 day

Curtis: male age 20-28 - Errand boy for criminal organization. Kinda dopey but eager to move up the ladder. Will require some light stunt fighting. Time commitment: 2-3 days

Justin: male age 20-28 - Errand boy for criminal organization. Kinda dopey but eager to move up the ladder. Will require some light stunt fighting. Time commitment: 2-3 days

Messenger: male age 35-50 - They send him when a message needs delivering in a delicate situation. Part recruiter, part salesman, part fixer. He’s dangerous, but you trust him. You probably shouldn’t. Time commitment: 1 day

Paul: male age 20-25 - Techy college student in over his head. Time commitment: 1 day

Barista: Bikini barista working at a stand. This role requires a skimpy bathing suit for a scene, but not in any kind of sexual situation and there is no physical interaction with any other character. Time commitment: 1 day


Will need roughly 20 men for individual characters that require stunt fighting. Some will have dialogue so people with acting experience or not are all encouraged to submit in addition to people who just do stunts and don’t act. The fighting will be limited to hand-to-hand combat and pistols (as in: no cars, fire, falls, etc…). All stunts will be choreographed and overseen by a professional stunt coordinator!


There are a handful of roles for extras and bit parts with a line or two. We’ll need adult men and women of all ages and appearances for this so everybody is encouraged to submit.

Audition/Interview Dates:

Audition Requirements:
Please send all submissions to . Links to reels and prior performances are highly encouraged. In-person auditions will be arranged at time and place TBD.

Monetary compensation:
For payment let’s be transparent right away: this movie is being made on a crap budget so it’s gonna be crap pay and by “crap pay” I mean probably “real crap garbage pay if at all” and that triple applies to the filmmakers because they are footing the bill out-of-pocket. Anybody involved should be involved because they are excited about the project and want to contribute to make it as good as it can be. If you need to pay bills or only work on well paying projects or feel like non-pa

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