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Death of a Salesman
Short Order Theatre Company


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  • Death of a Salesman
  • Short Order Theatre Company
  • Non-Union Theater
  • Theater or Stage
  • Non-Union; Other Union
  • Seattle, WA
  • Project Begins: Jun 16, 2018
  • Project Ends: Mar 3, 2019

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  • Contact Person: Dustin Trabert
  • Primary Phone: (440)840-1061
  • Email

  • Prefered method of submission: Other

    Audition Location:
    Floor 4, Seattle Center Armory
    305 Harrison St
    Seattle, WA 98109

    Submission instructions:
    Sign-up for a time slot at

Death of a Salesman explores the final days of Willy Loman as his unravelling mental state affects him, his family, his friends, and his employers. Even though Willy is the title character, all of the characters have their own ways of grappling with the promises and demands of the American Dream, as they each navigate the gap between monetary success and self-fulfillment.

We intend to treat this American classic largely as though it’s a new work. We won’t ignore past interpretations, but we’ll be using any accounts of past productions or critical writings on the play as additional voices to help us get at the core of the play, to treat it not as a museum piece but as a vital work of drama deeply relevant to our own time. The text itself will remain as Arthur Miller wrote it, 70 years prior to our production. We’re going to take the remainder of 2018 to dig into this play (expect 2-3 rehearsal sessions a month through December) and begin a full-scale process of blocking and rehearsing in January.

Production will be February 14 through March 3 at the Slate Theatre in Seattle.


Other details:
Drop-ins are welcome but sign-ups are strongly preferred.

Email with any questions.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
Bernard (Male, Mid-20s to mid-30s, any race): The Loman’s next door neighbor, a contemporary of Willy’s sons Biff and Happy. A smart, nerdy young man, Bernard was both a friend and a figure of mockery to the Loman boys. By his early 30s, he has become a quietly successful lawyer about to argue a case before the Supreme Court, though he retains the insight and compassion of his earlier years.

Ben Loman (Male, early 50s to mid-60s, any race): Willy’s older brother, seen in memories, is the voice of authority, confidence, and virile, masculine capitalism next to which Willy falls short. Shows a contempt for what he sees as the unproductive work of salesmanship. Requires a commanding presence and voice.

Howard Wagner (Male, early to mid-30s, any race): Howard is Willy’s current boss; he inherited the position from his father. A successful businessman, he thinks nothing of having a maid and being able to buy the latest technological gadgets. A practical man, he fires the increasingly unsuccessful and unbalanced Willy, with some sympathy but with no sentimentality.

Miss Forsythe (Female, early 20s to mid-30s, any race): An attractive, quick-witted, somewhat gullible young woman who Happy Loman picks up at a restaurant. He and another character read her as a sex worker; she is at any rate pragmatic about the benefits her looks and personality can bring her.

Letta (Female, early 20s to mid-30s, any race): Miss Forsythe’s friend or associate, she joins Miss Forsythe and the Loman boys at the restaurant. She has a similar appeal to Miss Forsythe but is perhaps a bit more sincere and a bit less sharp.

Stanley (Male, early 30s to early 50s, any race): A waiter at a mid-town Manhattan steakhouse. Stanley has a sense of humor and seems to enjoy and like the Loman men, but this may, of course, be a part of a professional pragmatism. Likely double-cast with Howard.

Jenny (Female, mid-20s to late 40s, any race): Charley’s secretary, Jenny, has been working there for some years, enough to feel comfortable speaking of Willy’s strange behavior to Bernard. Likely double-cast with Letta.

We strongly encourage performers of any race or gender to audition.

Audition/Interview Dates:
Saturday, June 9th from 2-5 PM (TPS Studio I) or Sunday, June 10th from 7-9 PM (TPS Studio B)

Audition Requirements:
Please bring a headshot and a resume with you to audition.

The core of your audition will be based on readings of sides from the play.

A brief monologue (no more than a minute and a half), is welcome but by no means necessary; mid-century or contemporary American would be best.

Monetary compensation:
Each performer will receive an equal share of any profits from the project after expenses have been paid.

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