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Harlequin Productions

  • Ruthless
  • Harlequin Productions
  • Equity/Non-AEA Theatre
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  • Non-Union; Equity; Other Union
  • Olympia, WA
  • Project Begins: Jul 22, 2018
  • Project Ends: Sep 15, 2018
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  • Contact Person: Aaron Lamb
  • Email


    Prefered method of submission: Email

    Audition Location:
    May 27, 5-9p - Seattle, TPS Studio C
    May 28, 6-9p - Olympia, The State Theatre
    May 29, 6-9p (callbacks) - Seattle, TPS Studio B

    Submission instructions:
    Please submit headshot and resume (resume in pdf format) to Aaron Lamb at Please put RUTHLESS (all caps) in the subject line.

Harlequin Productions presents Ruthless!
Directed and Music Directed by Aaron Lamb
Choreography by Stephanie Barbuto (Graham)

Eight-year-old Tina Denmark knows she was born to play Pippi Longstocking, and she will do anything to win the part in her school musical. This aggressively outrageous musical hit garnered rave reviews during its long Off-Broadway run.

“A spoof that has enough absurd plot twists and multiple identities to fill several old movies…The fun comes from the sheer brazenness!” – The New York Times.

“Hilarious…It is beyond praise!” – New York Daily News.

“A demented pleasure. Cheery, cheeky burlesque humor that evokes Your Show of Shows.” – New York Newsday.

“A wonderfully smart and funny send up of every Broadway brat from Gypsy to The Bad Seed…loaded with campy wit and charm.” – Variety.


Other details:
Harlequin Productions is committed to diverse and inclusive casting, and encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
Tina Denmark - Female, 7-12. Any ethnicity. LEAD. An 8-year-old triple threat, loaded with talent and cute as a button, but she will cut you. Manipulative to the core, Tina is sickeningly sweet but underneath, she's a remorseless psychopath. Should have a strong Broadway belt, ridiculous charisma, and be a proficient tapper. Profanity. F#3 to E5.

Judy Denmark / Ginger DelMarco - Female, 30s. LEAD. Any ethnicity. Tina's mother, one character. Flips between June Cleaver (Act I) and Norma Desmond (Act II) in the snap of a finger. Must be able to honestly portray both. F3 to Bb5.

Sylvia St. Croix - Male as Female, ageless, but has at least 50 years experience. LEAD. Any ethnicity. Somewhere on the spectrum bounded by Elaine Stritch, Phyllis Diller, Harvey Fierstein, and RuPaul. The best agent money can buy, recently specializing in third grade theatre (looking for new talent). Eyes on the prize, uncompromising. C3 to E4.

Miss Thorn / Miss Block - Female, 30s-60s. Any ethnicity. These are two roles played by one actor. Miss Thorn has tried her hand at professional theatre, but fortunately had something to fall back on: teaching third grade. She is also the director of the school play. Her graded papers are likely stained with Drambuie or some such. E3 to B4. Miss Block is a reporter for New York Thespian digging into Ginger's past. She's slightly vulgar. Nonsinging.

Louise Lerman / Eve - Female, 20s. Any ethnicity. These are two roles played by one actor. Louise Lerman is the 8-year-old who beats Tina for the lead in the third grade play. She is larger than Tina, has little to no talent, but her father does own a lumber yard in town, and her mother owns the Needle Nook. E3 to B4. Eve is the efficient personal assistant to Ginger DelMarco, longs for her life, and copies her mannerisms. F#3 to C5.

Lita Encore - Female, near the same age as Sylvia. Any ethnicity. Ethel Merman reborn. A theatre critic who hates musicals, and Judy's adoptive mother. E3 to D5.

Audition/Interview Dates:
May 27-28 (appointment required)

Callbacks or second audition/interview?
May 29

Audition Requirements:
Sides will be provided.
If auditioning for Tina, please be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge of a few common tap steps (we will ask you for specific steps in the audition).

Sides/Script download:

Monetary compensation:
AEA - SA Level II ($372/wk), no h/c (we have one contract available)
Non-AEA (over 18) - $150/wk
We offer modest additional stipends to car-pool drivers, and can provide housing for out-of-town (Seattle based) actors on tech and performance weekends.
*We cannot, unfortunately, legally employ minor actors, so the role of Tina will need to be a volunteer position. The car-pool stipend and housing can apply, however.

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