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Kissing Che
Latino Theatre Projects


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  • Kissing Che
  • Latino Theatre Projects
  • Non-Union Theater
  • Theater or Stage
  • Open to All
  • Seattle, WA
  • Project Begins: Sep 4, 2018
  • Project Ends: Nov 4, 2018
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  • Contact Person: Robert Harkins
  • Primary Phone: 206-718-5077
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  • Mailing Address:

    PO Box 24082
    SEATTLE, WA 98124-0082


    Prefered method of submission: Email

    Audition Location:
    Location and sides will be provided when the audition appointment is set.

    Submission instructions:
    Include an electronic headsot and resume.

Kissing Che is a prize-winning new play by Augusto Federico Amador. The play is at times provocatively funny and ultimately heart-breaking. In Miami in 1984, a sick and dying Cuban man named Reina (Queen) is in a convalescent home. He both entertains and torments the staff with his flamboyant stories, dreams, and memories of his life in Cuba as “Havana’s Last Great Drag Queen.” He also claims to have been the passionate lover of the famous revolutionary Che Guevara. Tamika, an African-American nurse, strikes up a friendship with Reina and, through shared confessions, their lives are changed forever. Tamika slowly comes to terms with her emotionally empty marriage while Reina faces the realities of life in Cuba during the systematic and brutal persecution of homosexuals under the revolutionary government in the 1960s and 1970s.


Other details:
Auditions will be in 15-minute slots beginning at 1 pm. If you have a preference for time, please indicate that in your audition request email. We will do our best to honor such requests but cannot guarantee they can be met.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
NOTE: The roles of Reina and Mirabella/Che are already cast. This audition is for Tamika and Derek.

Reina: Latino, male. (50-60's). Speaks with an elegant Cuban accent. Physically, he must be handsome with the echoes of a youthful beauty that one can imagine made him a gorgeous female impersonator. He can be very flamboyant but he is very well grounded in his “womanhood”. Once a beautiful drag diva (“I turned kings into queens. I made
straight men gay. And they loved me for it!”), his health is rapidly deteriorating and he now faces the demons of his past. His open sexuality confronts Tamika's truly repressed sexual identity.

Tamika: African-American nurse. Despite leading an unfulfilled life and unhappy marriage, she has a compassionate heart that opens to Reina and leads her to examine her identity.

Mirabella: Young Latino male. Very “pretty”. Could easily be seen as a gorgeous “woman.” Naïve. A dreamer who believes in finding a straight man whom he could love deeply. Reina's best friend. Has a haunting quality. Doubles as Che Guevara.

Derek: African-American male. Blue-collar worker. Married for 15 years to Tamika. He is an everyday man working an everyday work week who gets by watching TV and smoking pot.

The roles of Reina and Mirabella/Che are already cast. This audition is for Tamika and Derek only.

Audition/Interview Dates:
Sunday, 4/15 1-4 pm

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

Audition Requirements:
Readings from the script. Sides provided in advance.

Monetary compensation:
Stipend. Higher than many small companies.

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