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PAGEANT, the Musical
A Sensible Theatre Co


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  • PAGEANT, the Musical
  • A Sensible Theatre Co
  • Non-Union Theater
  • Theater or Stage
  • Open to All
  • Seattle, WA
  • Project Begins: May 21, 2018
  • Project Ends: Jul 8, 2018
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  • Contact Person: Dani Hobbs
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The Musical Comedy Beauty Contest


Pageant, written by two-time Tony nominee Bill Russell, Frank Kelly, and Seattle's very own Albert Evans, debuted Off-Broadway in 1991 at the Blue Angel in New York and puts a high-heeled drag-spin on the competitive pageant scene. The show takes the audience on a fabulous adventure into the timeless world of the Miss Glamouresse Beauty Pageant.


Other details:
Auditions will be held 10:30A - 6:00P.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
We are seeking a diverse cast, and individuals of all gender identities, body types, ethnicities and sexual orientations are encouraged to audition.

All actors need to sing, move well and have strong comedy skills.

MISS BIBLE BELT, RUTH ANN RUTH (played by a male-identified individual) -- believes that she plus God equals a majority in any situation. Nobody is better connected than she is. She sees even the cheesiest part of the Glamouresse Beauty Regimen as part of His Plan. This gives her a righteous attitude which is unshakable, but she also has the manic cheerfulness of the newly saved.

MISS DEEP SOUTH, LAURINDA SUMMERFORD (played by a male-identified individual) -- The Blonde in the show; even though others may have blond hair, only she knows how to work it. At the same time (and she sees no contradiction in this) she is The Lady, the only one of the contestants (she believes) who knows that in order to be a winner, a lady always has to come in second to her man. She has a very narrow and ritualized sense of "femininity" which is frequently outraged by the other contestants' behavior and attitudes. Her talent is ventriloquism.

MISS GREAT PLAINS, BONNIE LOUISE CUTLETT (played by a male-identified individual) -- utterly sincere in her belief in the values promoted by Glamouresse, though some of them seem quite exotic to her. She is honored to represent the great heartland of this country and to show what honest country folk can do. Winning her region was "beyond her wildest dreams." In the present contest she is agape and aglow.

MISS INDUSTRIAL NORTHEAST, CONSUELA MANUELA RAFAELLA LOPEZ (played by a male-identified individual) ‑‑ included among the regional winners mostly due to Glamouresse's belated sense that, marketing-wise, the times they are a-changin' and to the Northeast's notable lack of interest in the contest. Her talent has been culled from watching, with religious fervor, the variety show "Sabado Gigante" on Spanish television. Actor may be asked to stand on roller- or in-line-skates and (possibly) be able to create a different character for the reigning Miss Glamouresse.

MISS TEXAS, KITTY-BOB AMES (played by a male-identified individual) -- the Professional of the group. With her father's money and a shrewd selection of contests, she has never lost a competition. Her skills may not be outstanding by themselves, but her attitude says "Winner" all the way. She doesn't so much want to win as she does expect to win.

MISS WEST COAST, KARMA QUINN (played by a male-identified individual) (This role is cast, but we will be casting an understudy that will likely go on)-- like Miss Great Plains, is sweet-natured, but Karma is a lot less focused. She has tried to parlay her vagueness and I'll-try-anything-once attitude into a comprehensive mystical spirituality but it hasn't jelled. This pageant is the most structured event of her entire life. Karma became a regional winner when the first, second and third place contestants were killed in a freak accident on the Universal Studios Tour. Actor should have some dance skills and (possibly) be able to create a different character for the reigning Miss Glamouresse.

FRANKIE CAVALIER (Late 30s and up)(played by any gender identity) -- our genial host, is certainly that. they relish the role of m.c., is proud to be associated with a "prestigious" company such as Glamouresse, and is delighted to find themselves at the center of attention of so many gorgeous gals. Frankie is a third or fourth-tier celebrity who is known to the audience where the pageant is being performed, perhaps as a weekend weather-report reader or a spokesman for a used car dealership. Their contract with the pageant is up for renewal this year. Strong singer who moves well.

Audition/Interview Dates:
3/15/18 & 3/16/18

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

Audition Requirements:
Please prepare 2 contemporary song cuts from the musical theatre canon.

Please keep both cuts to 32 bars.

The show is a Musical Comedy Beauty Pageant - let that be your guide in choosing songs!

Monetary compensation:
Monetary compensation: $275/week - Non-Union.

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