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Leavenworth Summer Theater

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  • Leavenworth, WA
  • Project Begins: Jun 14, 2018
  • Project Ends: Aug 30, 2018
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The March sisters come to life in the Broadway musical adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic and well-loved novel, Little Women. As they come of age during the Civil War, Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy unite to face the challenges and joys that lie before them. This study of love, grief, loyalty, and finding purpose has no equal. There is no better time than now to visit this family striving for happiness in an uncertain world.
Little Women will be performed outdoors at the stunning Ski Hill Amphitheater overlooking the village of Leavenworth.
Directed by Tiffany Mausser, Little Women is part of the three show summer season at Leavenworth Summer Theater.


Other details:
Performances: Complete schedule at

Rehearsals: Starting June 14 in Leavenworth.

Initial adult auditions are by appointment only. All sheet music will be sent when you make an appointment, and an accompanist will be provided.

Summer is Leavenworth is beyond fantastic. We would love to have you join us!


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
Little Women - The Musical
Directed by Tiffany Mausser

Open Roles
Character - - Age - - Description

Jo March 18-28
The narrator and emotional core of the story. A tomboy. A writer. A dreamer. Fiercely independent, brave, reckless, strong, ambitious, and hopeful. Not interested in fulfilling expectations or living a conventional life.

Meg March 19-30
The oldest sister. A starry-eyed romantic who dreams of true love and a wholesome, fulfilling family life. Intelligent, modest, thoughtful, a little naïve and unsure of herself.

Beth March 17-27
Sweet, humble, kind, encouraging, selfless, and unfailingly optimistic. A beacon of light in difficult times. The heart and soul of the sisters. Must play “Off to Massachusetts” on piano.

Amy March 16-22
The youngest sister. Brash, immature, tempestuous. Desperate for a life of sophistication and finer things. Matures into a refined, elegant, worldly, if slightly spoiled, young woman with Aunt March’s guidance.

Marmee March 40-65
The matriarch of the March family, raising four spirited daughters alone while her husband is at war. Wise, compassionate, resilient, patient, with a deep inner strength. The glue that holds her family together.

Aunt March 40+
The March girls’ stuffy, formidable, wealthy Aunt who wants to groom them for upward mobility in polite society. Well-intentioned but blunt to a fault. May double with Mrs. Kirk.

Mrs. Kirk 40+
The owner of the boarding house in New York where Jo and Professor Bhaer meet. May double with Aunt March.

Theodore ‘Laurie’ Laurence III 18-28
Mr. Laurence’s grandson. The boy next door. A loyal friend to all the March sisters. Bright, impulsive, enthusiastic, unpretentious, energetic, a little awkward at times. As a boy he falls in love with Jo, but ultimately ends up marrying Amy.

John Brooke 21-35
Laurie’s tutor. Educated, humble, romantic, unassuming, adorably self-effacing. Marries Meg.

Professor Bhaer 30-45
A German academic who befriends Jo in New York and ultimately falls in love with her. A man of strong principles. Educated and intelligent, reserved but with a dry wit.

Mr. Laurence 50+
The stodgy, gruff, intimidating, wealthy neighbor who looks down on the March girls. His unlikely friendship with Beth reveals a soft, kindly old man beneath the facade.

Story characters:
The characters that come to life as Jo narrates her epic tale of thrilling danger, swashbuckling action, and triumphant heroism in “An Operatic Tragedy” and “The Weekly Volcano Press.” These broad character archetypes will give the actors an opportunity to have fun playing with fantasy and melodrama. The actors who play these roles will also understudy one or more of the named characters listed above.

Clarissa (damsel) 18-30
Braxton (villain) 21-45
Rodrigo (hero) 18-35
Troll Any
Hag Any
Knight Any
Rodrigo II (female) 18-30

Audition/Interview Dates:
Call for appointment. 509.548.7324. Auditions: February 22 -24 in Leavenworth.

Callbacks or second audition/interview?
Callbacks: Sunday, February 25. Dance auditions Saturday February 24.

Audition Requirements:
Please call for a complete information sheet about auditions and dance call, and to schedule an appointment. We will answer all of your questions! 509.548.7324

Monetary compensation: