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Florida Studio Theatre Various Productions
Florida Studio Theatre

  • Florida Studio Theatre Various Productions
  • Florida Studio Theatre
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  • Non-Union; Equity; Other Union
  • Sarasota, FL
  • Project Begins: Jan 5, 2018
  • Project Ends: Mar 30, 2018
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  • Contact Person: James Ashford
  • Email
  • Website
  • Mailing Address:

    1241 North Palm Avenue
    Sarasota, FL 34236

    Prefered method of submission: Email

Florida Studio Theatre, an Equity Theatre in Sarasota, FL is seeking self-submissions for the following shows/roles.


To be considered, please email your photo and resume to:
James Ashford
Casting & Hiring Coordinator
Florida Studio Theatre


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
Native Gardens
by Karen Zacarias
(Rehearsals Begin Jan. 5, 2018; Runs Jan. 24, 2018 – Mar. 25, 2018)

Stately Gardens and cultures clash turning friendly neighbors into feuding adversaries. Pablo, a high powered lawyer, and doctoral candidate Tania, his very pregnant wife, are realizing the American dream when they purchase the house next door to community stalwarts, Virginia and Frank. But a disagreement over a longstanding fence soon spirals into an all-out comic battle of taste, privilege, and entitlement. In this battle of the backyard, no one comes out smelling like a rose. AEA LORT D contract.

TANIA DEL VALLE: (Female, 30s) 29 year old, Latina (from New Mexico), a pregnant doctoral candidate who is determined to fix up her fixer-upper with a native garden. Bright, energetic, naturally optimistic, wants to co-exist with the neighbors but she is fiercely protective of her ideas and values.

PABLO DEL VALLE: (Male, 30s) 31 year old, Latino (he is, in fact, Chilean), an ambitious and successful attorney trying to make partner by “fitting in” and hosting a BBQ for the entire firm in his unkempt backyard. Smart, argumentative, generally tolerant and willing to overlook a lot until he is pushed over the edge by the Butleys.

VIRGINIA BUTLEY: (Female, 55-65) 55-65 year old, White (from Buffalo), the bread-winner and only female executive working for a large defense contractor in the DC area. Friendly, civil, smiles a lot, but her opinions are well engrained and she will fight ruthlessly to protect her turf. Prone to making offensive statements -- for the most part, unknowingly.

FRANK BUTLEY: (Male, 55-65) 55-65 year old, White (from New England), a gentle and sensitive soul who has devoted himself to his pristine English garden in his retirement. Beta to his wife’s Alpha. Friendly in a steady WASP-ish way, wants to get along with the neighbors but cannot embrace a native garden next door. Becomes indignant easily. Finds his courage when the chips are down.

How To Use A Knife
by Will Snider
(Rehearsals Begin Dec. 29, 2018; Runs Jan. 19, 2018-Feb. 2, 2018)

In the chaos of a Wall Street restaurant kitchen, Chef George is trying to stay sober. In between yelling at a pair of trash-talking line cooks and a pot-smoking busboy, he befriends Steve, an East African immigrant. Set during busy dinner shifts and filled with unforgettable characters, How To Use A Knife bursts with grinding suspense, energy, and surprise. AEA Experimental contract.
STEVE: (Male, 50-55) black; speaks with an East African accent; he is the dishwasher in the restaurant, was well educated at home, is carefully spoken, wise, carries himself with dignity; he’s reserved and rather elegant but with strong opinions; has sadness, but the sadness is deep; he controls it; he is tactical; he has a sense of humor and deadpan; hides his pain with a smile; slow to anger; any anger he has is tactical; he doesn’t yell.
GEORGE: (Male, 45-55) American, a New Yorker; a trained chef, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict picking up his first job since getting sober. Manic, cynical, sarcastic, patronizing, intelligent, blustery, angry, self-hating: a bull in a china shop and liable to move from casual shit talking to screaming to apologizing all in the same breath; a natural leader and knows it, as do the employees; overweight and tall, is a strong presence in his kitchen who takes pleasure in yelling.
MICHAEL: (Male, 35-40) American, white; a hustler; owns the restaurant and is a self-made man; a ball of energy; has great attack; very fast talking; blunt; rude; funny; pompous, foul mouthed; a mover and a shaker; he Is of a new generation of cooks who think they’re rock stars; not a frat boy; would pick a nice bottle of wine and is maybe okay yes fine, is sexy.
CARLOS: (Male, 30-35) Guatemalan, speaks fairly good English with an accent and must speak Spanish as well; cook at the restaurant; intelligent and circumspect, keeps the more volatile Miguel under control; very much in control of his job and himself, walks a fine line between impudence and respect concerning his employers; a good manipulator; keeps his place but is very good at veiled sarcasm; he’s playing the long game.
MIGUEL: (Male, 25-35) Guatemalan; speaks only Spanish for much of the play; the other cook; fast-talking and sarcastic, even insulting, though his barbs are all in Spanish so he is saying pretty much whatever he wants; sharp sense of humor and appreciates his own cleverness; the holy fool of the kitchen; others think he’s crazy; he’s not.
JACK: (Male, 20-30) American, white; a nice white kid just graduated from a good college; not traditionally handsome, short maybe or with some acne scars, shouldn’t look like a damn Kennedy; the busboy and runner of food; wants to be a writer but doesn’t know what to write about; bides his time with this lousy job; sincere and open to direction; wants to be cool; wants to joke around.
KIM: (Female, 30-40) INS investigator; educated, competent, no-nonsense.

by Nick Payne
(Rehearsals Begin Feb. 2, 2018; Runs Feb. 23, 2018- Mar. 9, 2018)

A simple encounter between a man and woman leads to a spellbinding romantic journey. What happens next defies the boundaries of the world we think we know – infinite possibilities and the difference between choice and destiny. AEA Experimental contract.

ROLAND: (Male, 30’s-40, Any Ethnicity) Charming, laid-back beekeeper; warm and open, with a good sense of humor, earthy and likable.
MARIANNE: (Female, 30’s-40, Any Ethnicity) Fiercely intelligent scientist dealing with a terminal illness; though she’s a serious professional working in the top 1% of her field, she has a quirky, head-in-the clouds quality; friendly, warm, and quick-witted, comedic chops

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