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Brother Bones: The Undead Avenger
Franklin-Husser Entertainment LLC,


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  • Brother Bones: The Undead Avenger
  • Franklin-Husser Entertainment LLC,
  • Non-Union Feature Film
  • High Definition
  • Non-Union; Other Union
  • Seattle, WA
  • Project Begins: Aug 20, 2017
  • Project Ends: Oct 20, 2017

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  • Contact Person: Erik Franklin
  • Primary Phone: (206) 304-3319
  • Email
  • Mailing Address:

    27729 149th Pl. S.E.
    Kent, 98042


    Prefered method of submission: Email

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Franklin-Husser Entertainment LLC,

DIRECTOR: Erik Franklin
PRODUCER: Daniel J. Husser and Erik Franklin
STORY BY: Ron Fortier (based of his original novel)
SCREENPLAY BY: Erik Franklin

PLOT: 1930's, Cape Noire. Tommy Bonello is a sadistic hitman who undergoes a supernatural experience after killing an innocent girl. Tormented by his inner demons, he attempts to redeem himself by becoming a monk. However, the mafia catches up with Tommy and murders him. Brought back to life as Brother Bones, he begins a rampage of justice against the underworld of Cape Noire.
This film is based on the popular New Pulp novels by Ron Fortier and Rob Davis. It is a story of revenge, redemption, greed, lust and the supernatural.

SHOOTING DATES: To be determined, we are looking around August – October 2017.

SHOOTING LOCATIONS: In and around Seattle, Washington. Some location photography in Kent, Washington. Ideally actor will provide own transportation (reimbursed), but if not we can make arrangements.

All actors MUST be comfortable with profanity, graphic violence and partial nudity.


Other details:
Actor reels preferred but not required.

Funding of the project will depend on a successful Kickstarter. We will need the actors to play an active part in promoting the film/themselves.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
TOMMY/JACK BONELLO – (Male, late 20's – early 30's) Actor will be playing identical twins. Mafia hitmen, one grows a conscience, the other is a stone cold killer. They stand 6’2” tall. Italian descent. Handsome, rugged good looks. Each is a powerful, fit tough guy. Must have stage combat experience, and firearms training preferred.

TREY ABELARD – (MALE, late 30’s – early 40’s) Abelard is a mousy little wino who stands approximately, 5’5” has think gray hair, always unshaven.

MADAME SADIE – (Female, mid 50's) She’s a heavy set black woman who runs a bordello. A tough woman, she rules with an iron hand and is cruel to her girls when they complain about their lives. Must be comfortable with stage combat and violence.

JUDY – TEENAGE PROSTITUTE – (Female, actor must look younger around 16) Judy is a runaway. She is tall and skinny who always looks unfed, with big blue eyes and short brown hair. Must be comfortable with stage combat and violence.

HARRY BEEST – (Male, mid 30’s) Beest is Mob Boss Topper Wyld’s chief lieutenant. He is a tall man, of Italian descent, with swarthy good looks and wavy black hair. Handsome but cruel looking. A formidable killer. Must be comfortable with stage combat, violence, and partial nudity.

REED VENGEL – (Male, mid-40’s) - A little weasel of a man and one of Topper Wyld’s soldiers. A coward at heart. Pasty complexion. Has unusually big eyes and sports a thin mustache over his upper lip. Always has a cigarette in his mouth.

TOPPER WYLD – (Male, late 60's) The primary villain in the story. And old world gangster who murdered his way to the top to run the biggest mob in Cape Noire. He’s a big man, well into his late 60s, with white hair and a receding hairline. Tough, face bearing lots of scars, a brutish looking man. Pretends to be sophisticated for the sake of his daughter, but is really nothing but an old thug.

DR. BUGOSI – (Male, late 50’s) The mad scientist of Cape Noire. Small of stature, with an Eastern European background, is of average height, hair is black and always plastered over his head with gel like a cap.

WALDO – (Male, mid-30’s) Prof. Bugosi’s seven foot tall servant, bodyguard. Disfigured, actor MUST be comfortable with makeup prosthetics.

ALEXIS WYLD – (Female, early 20's) Topper Wyld’s only child, Alexis is a raven haired beauty. Of average height, 5’6”. Rich and pampered, she is devoted to her mob family. Must be comfortable with stage combat and partial nudity. A cold Venus.

FATHER DENNIS O’MALLEY – (Male, mid to late 60s) The Catholic priest pastor of St. Michael’s in Cape Noire. Born of Irish immigrants, he’s a stout, jovial fellow with a stubborn streak and will of iron. Older with graying hair, he is not of afraid of anything.

PETE HENDERSON – (Male, late 20's – early 30's) One of Lt. Rains’ best detectives but has marital problems. Devoted to his wife, Sheila. Tall fellow with brown hair and mustache. Perpetually exhausted and tormented.

SHEILA HENDERSON – (Female, late 20's – early 30's) She is a full figured blonde with long silky hair, alluring and manipulative. Not afraid to show off her body. Resents her marriage to Pete. Must be comfortable with gore makeup.

LT. DAN RAINS – (Male, early 30’s) The square-jawed Chief of Detectives. Rains is a big man, with curly black hair. He’s the classic tough-guy copper. Looks older than he really is.

SALLY PAIGE – (Female, mid 20’s) Cape Noire’s spunky reporter who will do anything to get a story. Sally is fearless and persistent, a tomboy at heart. Wears glasses and is cute as a button.

BLACK BOBBY CRANDALL – (Male, early 20s) The young, brash redheaded card dealer who ends up being Brother Bones companion, chauffeur and fight ally. Of average height with a shock of red, unruly hair.

BIG SWEDE JORGESON – (Male, mid-60’s) The second most powerful gang boss in Cape Noire and Topper Wyld’s primary rival for control of the city. Of Scandinavian stock, he IS a big man, with sandy colored hair.

MONROE – (Male, mid-40’s) A dumb, stocky thug in Topper Wyld's employment. Casual about going, he will blindly follow all commands.

CHARLIE SITES – (Male, late 30’s) A detective in Cape Noire P.D. Observant and a humanitarian, he is concerned for his friend, Pete. Small man with quick energy.

BROTHER JONAS – (Male, early 50’s) A kindly monk who is head of the Mt. Serenity Monastery. Older, kind face.

BROTHER ANTHONY – (Male, mid-40’s) A black monk from Louisiana who makes Brother Bones' mask.

PAUL CASTLE – (Male, mid-30s) An overworked detective in charge of protecting a witness. Disgrunteled. Former high school football tackle, now letting himself go.

BRUNO SANCINO – (Male, mid-30s) Paul's partner. A rough and tumble veteran who has seen his share of action. Former military, straight shooter wears hair cut scalp short.

BUTCH HAMMER – (Male, early 50’s) The bartender at the Gridiorn bar. Hardy, able to work a crowd and customers.

Audition/Interview Dates:
5/24 - 5/25

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

Audition Requirements:
Reading from script

Monetary compensation:
$100.00 per day

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