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"Three Soldiers" - Staged Reading
Lamar Legend - Producer & Playwright


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  • "Three Soldiers" - Staged Reading
  • Lamar Legend - Producer & Playwright
  • Non-Union Theater
  • Theater or Stage
  • Non-Union; Other Union
  • Seattle, WA
  • Project Begins: Mar 17, 2017
  • Project Ends: Mar 26, 2017

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  • Contact Person: Lamar Legend
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    Prefered method of submission: Email

    Audition Location:
    Theatre Puget Sound (TPS) - The Armory at Seattle Center. 4th Floor.

    Submission instructions:
    Please email a headshot & resume. No need to bring one to your audition appointment unless you have one to spare.

"Three Soldiers" - A Staged Reading.

You are invited to a joyous rollick of the heart, mind, and soul in which The Grove family returns to their childhood home to attend the funeral of their father. Watch as this madcap circle of performers tear each other down and build each other up in the honest, loving, cutthroat way that only a family of theater people can. You'll indulge in an epic clash of wills, passions, and egos dripping with references to Shakespeare, Chekhov, Sondheim, The Oscars, The Tony's; equipped with a musical revue, wig chases, head-swiveling surprises, side-splitting one-liners, and the ancient discourse on what "true" art is and why we insist on chasing it.

A farcical family drama about theater people for theater people!

March 19th (Sunday): 6PM - 9PM at TPS

March 25th (Saturday): 10AM - 1PM at TPS

March 26th (Sunday): 4PM - 6PM at The Pocket Theater in Greenwood.

March 26th (Sunday): 6PM - 9PM at The Pocket Theater in Greenwood.

"Three Soldiers" was written by award-winning playwright-director Lamar Legend and will lead to a full production here in Seattle.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
Melody "Mellie" Grove, female (appearing 40s - 50s), black, a Broadway veteran who is taking a break due to her struggle with breast cancer. She is the eldest sister of the family and believes theater is in her blood. She is relentless, melodramatic, vicious, evasive, jealous, and deeply secretive. A singer.

Symphony "Simmie" Grove, female (appearing 40s - 50s), black, a mother and former actress living in Chicago. She is the middle sister of the family and is constantly seeking attention. She is the most talented of the family's performers, with the most promise, and the only one to win an award for her acting. She is deep-feeling and hot-tempered. A singer.

Harmony "Money" Grove, female (appearing 40s - 50s), black, a Hollywood legend. She is the youngest sister of the family and is in constant turmoil over whether she should retire from her long career as a Hollywood actresss and singer. A former child star, she is fiercely competitive, deeply insecure, flirty, and exhausted with trying to keep up with the pace and demands of Hollywood.

Poetry "Po" Jack Grove, male (appearing 30s - 40s), black, gay, a bestselling author of a children's book series. He is the youngest "adopted" sibling of the family. Simultaneously in love and resentful of theater, he longs to be a successful playwright. He is patient, sometimes wise, sometimes acerbic, farsighted, and the family fixer.

John Sedgewick, male (appearing 40s - 50s), white, gay "closeted," husband of Melody Grove. He is a Broadway veteran and TV star of a long-running eighties cop show. Though very attractive, he is vain, overly friendly, compassionate, and struggles with finding his own voice and place in the world while reconciling it with his desires.

Desmond "Dez" Masters, male (appearing 40s - 50s), black, husband of Symphony Grove. He is a recruiter for the NBA. He loves his work but loves his family more and will do anything to keep them together. He is hard-working, loving, strong-willed and attentive.

Rosalind "Roz/Rozzie" Masters, female (appearing 20s - 30s), black, queer, daughter of Symphony & Desmond. She is an accomplished, up-and-coming stage director. She is intrepid, the one to watch out for, the voice of a new generation, innovative, smart, tells it like it is, sometimes overwhelmed, and struggles with expressing matters of the heart.

Miss Lyla Evers, female (appearing 60s - 70s), "white," a neighbor. She is an accomplished retired orthopedic surgeon who was the first woman in the nation to run her own hospital. Graduated at the top of her class at John Hopkins. Loves the Grove family and is intimately connected with them, cooked meals for them some Sundays. She is determined, sage-seeming, evenhanded, hawk-eyed, regretful, uncomfortable with speaking publicly or being the center of attention, and generous.

Wendy Bautista, female (appearing 20s - 30s), asian, queer, a documentarian from Los Angeles. She is the quintessential millennial. She is a go-getter, truth-seeker, curious, honest, genuinely happy, gets over shit quickly, sometimes insensitive, unintentionally rude, and comfortable in her own skin.

People of all gender identities are encouraged to audition.

Audition/Interview Dates:
March 17th (Friday): 12PM - 2PM; March 18th (Saturday): 12PM - 2PM. Auditions held at TPS at The Armory at Seattle Center. 4th Floor.

Audition Requirements:
Prepare a one-two minute monologue of your choice. You may be asked to sing or read sides from the script.

Monetary compensation:
This is an unpaid staged reading.

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