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Support Theatre!  Support Theatre Puget Sound.

What do...

  • Live Theatre Week
  • General Auditions
  • Free Night of Theatre
  • The annual fall theatre forum
  • Inexpensive theatre rental facilities at The Seattle Center
  • The Seattle Performs quarterly print edition
  • The Theatre Puget Sound Stage at Bumbershoot

...have in common?

All are envisioned and implemented in the Pacific Northwest by Theatre Puget Sound!

Theatre Puget Sound Supports Theatre
Theatre Puget Sound provides essential services to the theatre community as well as accurate, easy-to-use information and access for eager new audiences.  We act as the "connective tissue" bringing resources, services and information to our membership base (Over 130 theatres and over 1,100 individual artists), inclined theatre-goers and the public at large.

Support Theatre Puget Sound
Your tax-deductible donation helps Theatre Puget Sound make all the programs listed above (and more) a reality.  Support now is critical as we continue to grow programs in direct response to the needs of the theatre community.

You can contribute online by clicking here:

Or download a pledge form and mail in your donation.

Theatre Puget Sound is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our tax ID # is 91-1779663

Our Vision Statement

TPS exists to:
  • nurture a healthy and vibrant theatre community
  • to develop strong ties among the region's theatre professionals
  • to raise visibility of this region's theatre scene at the local, national, and international levels

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