Legacy Campaign

Reflecting back - Looking ahead

Initiated with a $3,700 donation by TPS founding board president John Dillon, a Legacy Campaign has launched, inviting all past and present TPS board members to join with contributions to generate a circle of support. Reflecting back on the TPS they've helped grow over these past 15 years, from a handful of folks meeting in coffee shops to the Northwest's premiere performing arts advocacy and leadership organization, past and present board members demonstrate they still have a stake in helping TPS carry this legacy forward.

In response, TPS members are completing this circle with contributions to match or exceed the total given by past and present board members, collectively forming a circle across TPS generations and defining our future value and service to the theatre and performing arts community. Theatre Puget Sound is deepening, strengthening, and looking ahead. To promote, strengthen, and unify requires ongoing responsiveness and adaptability. What will the next 15 years look like?

In 2012 we provided $10,000 in micro-grants to theatre and performing artists, along with many other essentials such as affordable rehearsal space and performance venues, affordable advertising, high visibility showcases, event promotion, professional development, and a gathering forum to address collective needs. An example of your donation at work:

This Legacy Campaign concludes on October 1st. Thank you to all who have given so far! We are deeply encouraged by your commitment to the future of theatre and performing arts in the Puget Sound. We are committed to moving forward but need the support of individuals like you. We know you have a stake in the work we do. Please consider a donation of any amount today. Every little bit helps!

Acknowledgements of Legacy Campaign giving before August 10th can be found here, with a final update in October.

TPS in Your Community

TPS leverages an alliance stronger than each individual organization acting alone. With TPS, a broader diversity of artists exist, re-imagining ways to give arts back to the audience and invest in the creativity and vitality of local communities.